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About Us

PlaySaudi Inc. a parks and playground designer and builder.  Our operations cover also Bahrain, Egypt, and Jordan.

Established in 2014, PlaySaudi rose to be the leading Parks and Playground consultant and designer in the kingdom.

PlaySaudi is registered as a certified vendor with many Realestate developers, designers, and consultants. Our Installations are with versatile customers and locations with more than 300 playgrounds. Our Services Include Designing, installation, and maintenance of Parks and playgrounds. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy comes from our brand... the spiral hand is an ancient sign from the Maya ancient civilization and is called " the Healing Hand". We heal the society through building the right Parks, playgrounds, and recreation areas that will produce healthy and smarter generations who will be the future leaders of the nation. the bigger hand represents a father, a teacher, an older brother, or an older friend. while the smaller hand represents a son, a pupil, a younger brother, or a younger friend. We all play together for tomorrow and live today

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